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Apparel & Textile

Some typical engagements in Apparel & Textile Manufacturing...


US-based textile manufacturer. We designed a new workflow for a  the warehouse which included a radio frequency (RF) controlled warehouse management system that seamlessly integrated with their specialized back office software in their NYC office. We also created a Website to display their tens of thousands of patterns online. Results. They acquired another company of like size, combined warehouses and managed the combined operation with two people less than what they had with one company! Goods were shipped within 48 hours.


US-based apparel manufacturer. We reviewed their back office, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations and a new work flow, that we documented and reviewed with management and key staff. We then prepared and sent out a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a new IT system for their apparel manufacturing, warehousing, EDI, accounting and communication functions. 12 companies responded and we were able to compare all solutions equally.


Warehouse issue. Due to rapid expansion, apparel company outgrew their warehouse and couldn't bring in any more goods. Warehouse staff were walking on top of shelving to get to goods. We analyzed the issues and quickly made a decsion to move all the goods to a separate temporary warehouse, setup the existing warehouse properly and bring the goods back in to be put away in organized bins.  Took less than a week to accomplish.