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Professional Firms

Some of our expertise with Professional Firms include:


• As a professional, ask yourself  “With consulting, what are you selling?" COMFORT. The prospect needs to be comfortable that you can solve his problems, have credibility, have the strength to carry out the deal and know what you are doing.  At GAP Enterprises, a smaller boutique firm, we were able to establish business with Fortune 50 clients like American Express, Colgate-Palmolive, Shell Oil and others.

• At one of the top 40 CPA/Consulting firms one of our partners grew the MAS practice to become the most profitable department in the firm, and improved their ranking in the NYC area to number 14 out of 25 (from dead last two years earlier).

• At a NYSE-based consulting company, reorganized the focus of the company moving them from selling to any company to target on larger clients with more profitability. Their average sale at the start of his tenure was $80,000. Two years later it was $800,000.

• Reorganized support staff and fee structure at a national management consulting firm that resulted in a 250% increase in productivity in two years and a number two rating in customer satisfaction from a leading trade association.

• Implemented  internal  control  procedures to  account  for  proper recording  of time  and  expenses  at  engineering,  architectural, CPA and law firms nationwide.

• Created global agency network and built customer base in 120 countries worldwide.