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Retail & Supermarkets

Why is your supermarket failing?  Are you in the right market?  Are you appealing to the right customer?  What are your costs per square foot of space and how does that compare to industry standards?  


These are just some of the questions we ask of our supermarket clients and then we plan for success. Will it be advertising?  Product mix? Better sourcing?  Cost reductions?  Space reduction?  


In the retail world there are more challenges.  That 350 store chain we consulted with many years ago is now down to 100 stores and more profitable.  Why?  Product mix, sourcing and new technology.


We have also helped single stores compete in a downtown area when the malls were taking their customers.  Think combined resources!


In today’s world everything has to be instantaneous – if I order this morning, deliver this afternoon.  How can you do that?  Are you able to ship your online orders NOW?  Or do they get processed after all the store orders, providing the crew has time.  No longer can customers be told that their order will be delivered between two dates that are a week apart and a week away!