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Solutions for Success

We don't tell you what is wrong with your company - we fix the problems!  We will deliver substantial results in a quantifiable period of time. 


Boosting sales in tough markets, pulling a company back from the brink of bankruptcy, or resolving issues stemming from a regulatory investigation are all the type of experience we bring to the table.  Even companies that aren't really in trouble but need a seasoned exec to help them through a critical growth phase may need a battle-hardened veteran.


We are productive from day one!  We develop a plan for success, then bring in interim management to execute the plan.  We can help you with...

    • developing a global expansion plan;

    • creating a strategic plan and executing a differentiation strategy;

    • establishing a marketing strategy;

    • writing a business plan or marketing plan;

    • complying with Sarbanes-Oxley;

    • executing a total ERM solution;

    • launching new products;

    • selling;

    • reorganizing manufacturing or warehousing;

    • implementing a new technology solution;

    • finding venture capital;

    • pulling you from the brink of bankruptcy;

    • formulating financial controls procedures;

    • and more.

We can go so far as to take over your top-level positions until we get your company under control.  Then we will turn the completed successful plan over to your executive team, once we are back on track.