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We have helped startups raise millions of dollars in initial funds and subsequent rounds of funding - banks, private investors, Angels or IPOs. Good business and marketing plans are what sell a startup, or so we learned from those that we did and the positive results they gained.


With one startup we identified a market for them, tested that market with excellent results, obtained initial funding and eventually assisted them in the sale of the business to a NYSE-listed company for 32 times annual sales!


In another company our team took on the roles of CEO and CFO, moved the company offshore, engaged major investors and built an agency network worldwide.


For a specialized software company losing U.S. market share to foreign competition, we moved them into two new industries before the compettion even new they left.


And, valuating your business now will pay tangible dividends by focusing you on ways to increase your organization's short and long-run profitability.


Let us help with your growth.